. Mount Tronador
- One day tours .-

What will we enjoy? The incredible waters of the lakes Gutierrez and Mascardi and the surrounding forests that keep them. We leave the pavement and go into grabble roads and the woods up to Pampa Linda, and then we start going higher up to the base of the Tronador Mountain and its amazing Black Glaciar ... The glaciars in the heart of the mountain. Walks: De los Césares Waterfall, De las Nalcas Waterfall
and Ana Mariana trek.-


. El Bolsón & the Craftman Market - One day tours.-

The van takes us through the Lakes Gutierrez, Mascardi and Guillelmo.
Do you like trout? You will see how they get from the nature to your dish. Do you like beer? You will know a wide variety of tastes and see the art that lies beyond this delicious drink . Do you like ice cream? You cannot leave this town without trying the unique flavors of Jauja. But this tour is not only a gastronomic trip . El Bolsón still keeps the romanticism of the sixties and this is cleary shown in the hands of the craftsmen and the warmth of its inhabitants, besides from the masive Piltriquitrón Mountain.-


. San Martín de los Andes, 7 Lakes route
- One day tours.- 

Once you arrive back to your hometown, everyone will ask you:
Have you traveled the 7 Lakes Route? You cannot miss it! You will visit Villa La Angostura , a beautiful mountain village and, of course, San Martín de los Andes, a nice and quiet town, which stands at the shores of the Lacar Lake. On our way back you will have to open you mind to appreciate the magic of the Haunted Valley!


Puerto Blest, Lago Frías and Cántaros Waterfall
    Full day trip.- / The trip starts at Puerto Pañuelo in the early morning .-

The boat leaves Puerto Pañuelo and navigates the Blest branch of the Nahuel Huapi Lake all they way up to Puerto Blest. We pass through the Centinela Island, where the remains of Francisco Moreno rest. From here you can take the option to navigate the Frías Lake, through its milky-green waters. This area is important because of its vegetation, which is very copious due to the rainy weather. A stairway will take you to the Cántaros Lake, walking along the Cántaros Waterfall.-

You have to pay extra the Entrance to the Nahuel Huapi National Park.-


.  Isla Victoria and the Arrayanes Forest
   Full day trip.- / The trip starts at Puerto Pañuelo in the early morning.-

After a 30 minute navigation, we arrive to Puerto Anchorena and we start walking on the Island. There are several paths from where to choose or you can take the lift to go up the Bella Vista Hill. We have lunch in the Island and then take the boat again to get to the South of the Quetrihué Peninsula, where we find the Arrayanes Forrest. This tree, the Arrayán, is natural from the area and this forrest is the biggest concentration of these trees in the world.-

You have to pay extra the Entrance to the Nahuel Huapi National Park.-